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Race Training Clinic

Written by Neil Ashton.

Race Training Clinic

With a view to entering a team of at least five boats into the Southern Charter Classic dinghy series in the 2017/18 sailing season, the Sailing Academy has embarked on an intensive preseason Race Training clinic running over three weekends in August and September.

The first weekend of our Race Training clinic, 12th & 13th August was well attended and students benefitted from a mix of theory and practical on-the-water coaching in addition to 14 short windward leeward races.  The following content was covered:

Race as helm or crew
Prior to launch
Boat handling exercises
Start line exercises
Racing rules
Racing courses
Racing upwind
Top of the course
Upwind exercise
Mark rounding exercise

On the second of our three Race Training clinic weekends, 26th & 27th August, the following sail racing specific content will be covered, again as a mix of theory & on-the-water exercises.

Racing downwind
Boat handling exercises
Downwind exercises
Keep out of trouble
Trim for speed
Bottom of the course
End of the race
Speed exercises
Gybing exercises

We also expect to complete another 12 short course races over the two days.  The last weekend of our Race Training clinic on the 16th & 17th September will include another 12 races and coaching on the following race training topics:

Make the Most of the Wind
Rig controls
Light winds performance
Moderate winds performance
High winds performance
Boat handling exercises
Top turns
Hike hard
Capsize recovery
Using wind / current / tide
Racing with a gennaker
Top tips
Gennaker exercises

With over 40 hours of race training coaching, we trust that our new racing crews will have the necessary skills to do us proud in the upcoming Southern Charter Classic series - we wish them well!